Photo taken by Marsha York, Edisto Island, SC


Recently I posed a question on Facebook asking if  friends prefer a sunset or a sunrise.  One of my friends made this statement when pointing out the beauty of a sunset.  “Reflection at the day’s end is simply divine.”   Isn’t that a beautiful statement?  The reflection on the water is stunning.  But, my friend was talking about reflecting on the events of the day.

Little did I know last week the direction these musings would take me over the weekend.

Yesterday I received the news that a sweet woman from my church had died in the night.  The news came as shock to many and my heart hurts for her family and her closest friends. Lisa lived well.  She loved the Lord and people.  Just a couple of weeks ago she taught the kids at church, even though she was struggling with pneumonia.

This week as Lisa’s family and friends reflect on her life and share stories, I believe many people will receive a glimpse of the Divine.  Her life reflected the glory of God.  Lisa loved the Lord.  She would want people to know and experience Him.

She is seeing the Divine face to face.  She is beholding True Beauty, the beauty that is merely reflected in gorgeous colors of a sunset  Lisa, I will miss your beautiful face and will remember your smile and your laugh!!

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