Vegetarian Enchiladas

Today we began a six-week plan to dramatically change our eating as a family.  My husband is seriously considering sending me back to the beach (and my evil plot is working).

Here’s the eating plan.  It’s not that bad!!  My husband and I will eat 90% fruits, veges, beans & nuts AND 10% whatever we want.  For my kids the goal is to eat more fruits and vegetables and I am not buying much junk food.  Seems easy enough, right?  My prediction is my kids might suddenly want to spend more time at their friends houses.  Last night Elijah came home from playing at a friend’s house with a package of Oreos.

Tonight we are having Vegetarian Enchiladas and I’m thinking they are going to taste awesome. They smell amazing.   I did sprinkle a little cheddar on top…enchiladas with no cheese is like Memphis with no barbecue.  I also used corn tortillas rather than flour and made it in a casserole form.  Oh, and I added cilantro.  I’m not very good at following directions!!

To add insult to injury for my poor husband, we needed to do something with a little leftover ground beef, so he grilled hamburgers for the children.  And, now he is REALLY NOT speaking to me.

If you see my husband at Sonic in the next six weeks….CALL ME.  His truck is pink and green, you can’t miss it.

We may need counseling when this is all said and done!!

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2 Responses to Vegetarian Enchiladas

  1. David Smith says:

    To: Glimpse of Glory Readers

    I will make it worth your while not to call her.

    The hubby.

  2. Dear hubby….bribes and payoffs are not an approved line item in the Budget.
    The wife

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