Letters of love

Photo by Jill Willeke, National Cemetery at Vicksburg, MS

There is something about weddings and funerals.  The tradition.  The truths.  The gathering of people.  At weddings, a couple begins their life of love.  At funerals, families say goodbye to a loved one.  The central theme of both is LOVE.

At weddings and funerals the veil is lifted for a moment and we see the glory of God displayed on earth.

Now I know that for some people it is difficult to believe in the existence of God.  But for me, what I experience at weddings and funerals gives me a glimpse, a peek into the beauty of God and how He lavishes His love on us and has prepared a place for us.   Every wedding and funeral I attend compels me to want to live fully and love freely.

This week I attended a funeral of a woman who was 51 years old.  In my mind far too young.   At the funeral, my friend Brad, read letters written by her family.  Each family member lovingly shared their hearts in these letters.  All gathered laughed and cried as these precious words were read.  Each letter displayed the uniqueness and beauty of their relationship with Lisa.

It got me thinking.  Here is a little challenge for today.  What if we all wrote a letter to someone we love?  I don’t mean a text message, or email, or facebook message.  I mean a handwritten letter telling someone we love how much they mean to us.

Why wait until it is too late?  Share your feelings with those you love today.  Life is short!!

More later…..

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