Kale Chips a potato chip substitute?

Well…even though I have posted a food post today, I must post about my experiment with kale chips.   Seriously, I made kale chips for lunch.  KALE CHIPS!! For the record, they really are not a good substitute for potato chips. Potato chips are sooooo yummy. Kale Chips are edible and maybe in some small part of my imagination I can pretend they are a potato chip because they are crunchy.  I do have a very vivid imagination.

Second of all, if I have heard “what’s that smell?” once, I’ve heard it ten times in the last five minutes.  My kids are right–they kind of make your house smell.  My imagination is not vivid enough to pretend that they smell good baking.

My kids are not drinking the Kool Aid!!  They will NOT even try the kale chips.  Clara did try one and then promptly ate chocolate chips.

Unfortunately I am.  I have joined some of my crazy friends in the healthy eating endeavor.  And, I do apologize to all of my crazy friends that I have mocked, scoffed at and laughed at in the past.  But I will say that even though I am joining in the CRAZE, there is a small part of me that is rebellious….and that part of me is looking forward to eating real potato chips!!

By the way if you see me with large green things in my teeth, please discreetly tell me.  Thanks!!

If you want to drink the Kool Aid, here’s the link for the recipe I used.

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