The stupidest idea ever!!

Kind of wishing this parade boy was still sleeping!!

It is crazy busy around our house right now.  2 adults working 3 jobs.  4 children playing 5 sports.  1 momma trying to finish out the school year for 3 kids.  1 sophomore trying to maintain decent grades. 6 people with spring fever…ready, oh so ready for summer!!

With our busy schedule it is tough to share a meal together as a family.  So, the hubby and I have decided for the next four weeks we will get everyone up and have breakfast together.  That means we all eat at 5:45.  Yep, you read that right breakfast at 5:45.

Seemed like a good idea when the decision was made.  Right now at 6:43 it seems like the stupidest idea ever!!  My youngest son just walked by loudly clapping together two pot tops, with a smile on his face saying “It’s a parade”.  My mind is screaming a few choice words.

Now the kids are all playing volleyball with balloons.    I haven’t even finished my first cup of coffee!!

It’s going to be a lonnnnnnnggggg day!!!

I need more coffee!!

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