Old Habits Die Hard

Let’s face it…it’s hard to develop a new habit.  Old habits certainly do die hard.  This week begins my sixth week and final week of my commitment to healthy eating.  For the most part, I have stuck with the plan of 90% fruits, vegetable, beans & nuts.

I admit that I do LOVE that 10%.  I love the occasional chocolate chip cookie or popcorn or meat. And…I have not removed creamer from my diet…there are limits!!

Today, David and I met some friends for lunch. It was their pick and they chose Humdingers, which was a perfect choice.  I had Tilapia topped with a pineapple salsa, grilled sweet potatoes and grilled zucchini. YUMMO!!  My friend, Katie, had a grilled portabella mushroom sandwich (which I said looked interesting–being honest to a fault is not always a good thing).  That’s okay she told my husband that he was old…but that’s because when he was in middle school she wasn’t born yet.  I love meeting friends for lunch!!

As I head into my final week of eating like a rabbit, I am going to try to finish strong.  It remains to be see whether this eating plan will stick.   My family would LOVE for me to revert back to my old habits.

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