My heart is with my friends!!

This morning my heart is heavy as I watch the wildfires that have descended on Colorado Springs and the destruction that is being left in their wake.

This is one of my favorite spots in the country.  It is incredibly beautiful and I have many memories of time spent there with my family and friends. The main reason I love Colorado Springs is that my dear friends Darin & Amanda and Jen & Brian live there (well I haven’t technically yet Brian yet, but consider him a dear friend because he’s married to Jen).

Earlier this year my husband was trying to decide which conference he wanted to go to for his job.  He was considering a conference at Glen Eyrie,  which made me REALLY happy  because the plan was for me to go with him and stay with my friends while he went to the conference.  It’s been years since I have seen Amanda and Jen.  I knew both of these girls (well they are women now) when they were in college.  We spent hours and hours together.  They are like family to me.   This trip would give me an opportunity to meet their beautiful children for the first time.  So excited!!

Brian & Jen and family on their first hike when they moved to Colorado Springs.

Darin and Amanda and their beautiful girls. They are expecting their fourth child–a little boy!!

Due to some scheduling conflicts we realized the conference wouldn’t work for David this year.  So, we decided not to go. If we had gone, we would have flown out to Colorado this past weekend. While a part of me is grateful that we did not go.  A larger part of me wishes that I was with my friends right now–loving on them and just being present.  You know what I mean.  When someone you love is hurting, you just want to be there.

But instead I am in Memphis and I am pouring out my heart to God for them.  Darin and Amanda evacuated their home yesterday.  They have three young daughters and Amanda is pregnant.  They are physically safe with their family.  But I can only imagine how they are feeling emotionally as they wait.  Please pray for them and for the 30,000 other people who had to evacuate.

It’s interesting to me how we hear stories of destruction and devastation all over the country and the world and we are concerned and even burdened.  BUT, when we know someone personally who is impacted our praying goes to a whole new level because our hearts are connected.

What is God laying on your heart today?  Praying is talking to God about what’s on our heart and asking Him to show you His heart.  He made everyone and loves everyone the same!!  He is burdened beyond what we can imagine or comprehend. It’s all personal to God!!

Photo by Courtney Skalko Colby

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