Africa Adams

This morning my eyes filled tears of  joy as I watched this news story!! These are dear, dear friends of mine and it thrills me to see that they are planning to adopt from Uganda and it would make me really happy if my friends would support them!!

Here’s the article because I’m learning the few people actually click on links.  If you click on the link, you can see the video.

LAKELAND (FOX 13) –Abigail and Madelyn Adams may get two baby brothers if their parents can raise tens of thousands of dollars.And boy, are they trying.Their mom, Julie Adams, has always wanted to adopt. But their dad, Nathan, has been hesitant because of the cost. Recently, after coming to grips with how horrendously millions of orphans live in third-world countries, Nathan decided they should start the adoption process.   “To have the opportunity to bless some young children with some of the same blessings that we have been provided, not just as Americans, but our family specifically, why wouldn’t you?” Nathan said.

The couple hopes to adopt the two kids from Uganda, where there are two and a half million orphans. But money, at least for the moment, stands in their way.

It would cost about $40,000.

So the Adams family is raising funds. With friends, family and fellow church members, they are making little giraffe blankets out of multi-colored fabric.

$10, you can get two. You keep one. The other goes to Uganda, where they will give it to an orphan.

For more information, visit their blog – AfricAdams

I love Uganda for so many reasons.  Even more so now that I know Nate and Julie’s boys are in Uganda.  I can’t wait to meet them.

God’s teaching me so much about what it means to join in His work.  Many times the things he gives us to do are IMPOSSIBLE and money is often the obstacle.   If you read this blog post and God moves on your heart, go to their website and buy some puzzle pieces or a giraffe blanket to help them out.  A puzzle piece is the same as the cost of a White Chocolate Mocha from Starbucks.  The blanket is the cost of two. Thank you!!

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