How do I miss you?

Dear Blog,

How do I miss you, let me count the ways?

I miss you because there are so many words rolling around in my head.

I miss you because there are tons of amazing stories to be told.

I miss you because you cause me to slow down and reflect.

I miss you because it’s fun to share my heart and life with friends.

One day soon we will be reunited, but for today I’m off to GO week at Union University –a week of focusing on missional living in the United States and around the world.  Sorry, dear blog, but sometimes I must GO and DO, rather than write.

For you real people out there, I miss you too.

Just curious–what do you think when you hear the words — MISSIONAL LIVING?


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2 Responses to How do I miss you?

  1. Shelbi howe says:

    I think of spreading God’s love story for us in any way God has inspired you to do, all the while living on faith and God’s sweet grace and promise that He will provide your daily needs.

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