The Rockstars!!

The fabulous registration crew (many others are not pictured). Cyndi is pictured front and center in the red.

Who takes vacation from their job to volunteer at LUVMUD 40+ hours over the course of four days?  That would be precious Cyndi pictured above.  Cyndi was a part of the original crew of volunteers when Habitat for Hope began several years ago.  Such a sweetheart!!  I really LOVE when she shows up because all of the details will be handled. She often frees me up so that I can gab it up (and trust me I really like to talk!!)

These ladies pictured here and so many others that helped with registration over the course of four days deserve a big ole round of applause (for my non-southern friends..the means HUGE, MAMMOTH).  They truly made registration look easy peasy.  They registered around 1800 runners.  1800 PEOPLE!!  That’s a lot of folks to give a race bag, wrist band, t-shirt, get a waiver signed.  That’s like 10,000 things that had to be done. Mind boggling to my non-detail oriented brain!!

This team was led by the lovely and witty Heather.  She is the brain behind this operation and put in all of the prep work, answered all of the phone calls and will now complete all of the follow-up.  You may wonder how she survived the weekend.  Here’s her secret below. Shhhh, don’t tell her I told you.  Yep, it’s the Red Bull!!  Oh, yeah, the Red Bull was flowing like water at LUVMUD!!

Here’s the moral of this little blog post…The next time you enter a race or go to a large special event, here’s an idea, make sure you thank the people who are registering you.   They work tirelessly!   Give them lots of smiles!!  Maybe even give them a hug or a high five.  Whatever, just make them feel special.

Oh and do me a big ole favor.  Please, please, please stop right now and pray for Heather’s sister-in-law Christall as she battles leukemia.  Thank you so very much!!

Heather, registration guru, surrounded by her crew!

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One Response to The Rockstars!!

  1. sweetmylissa says:

    this is great! the whole deal would be a complete wash without these precious ones. thanks for highlighting them!

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