The gift of TODAY

Sunrise outside my front door.

Each new day is a gift!!! Each and every single day is a gift wrapped up in the brilliant beauty of a sunrise and most days I don’t even notice.   Most mornings I am simply trying to shake off the sleepies.  I fail to notice the beauty right before my eyes.  Ecclesiastes 11:7-8 says “Nothing on earth is more beautiful than the morning sun. Even if you have a very long life, you should try to enjoy each day”

Yesterday I went outside at the crack of dawn to watch the sunrise.  Several months ago when I was at the beach I was enthralled by the sunrise over the ocean and thought I should watch the sun rise more often.  That notion was left in my big ole bag of good intentions and I confess that I haven’t watched a sunrise since the beach.  Truthfully it seemed like watching a sunrise at my house would be a let down after watching it at the beach.  Well, that is just plain dumb.  A sunrise is beautiful…period!!

Watching a sunrise slows me down. You can’t really hurry a sunrise.  Many minutes are spent watching the sky change from midnight black, to gray, to shades of pink, orange, blue.  To fully grasp the beauty of a sunrise you have to slow down and notice all of the beautiful changes in color.

Watching a sunrise gets the focus off of me and helps me see the vastness and complexity of the universe and puts me, myself and I into the proper perspective.

Watching a sunrise is a visual reminder of how the darkness in my life becomes light. Sometimes life is pretty darn bleak and sorrows abound.  But, just like the light of the sun dispels the darkness each morning, so the light of the world, Jesus dispels the darkness.

Watching a sunrise takes my breath away.  As I get older it seems like not as much takes my breath away.  Maybe it’s because I have a been there, done that mentality.  Maybe it’s because I’m distracted.  Maybe it’s because my hormones are out of whack.  The truth is watching a sunrise still takes my breath away, especially that moment as the sun finally rises over the horizon and floods the earth with light.

Watching a sunrise turns my heart to Praise God the Artist who creates a masterpiece of beauty each day.

What about you? When was the last time you watched the sun rise?

Today I am thankful for the gift of TODAY. I am thankful for the beauty of sunrise that opens my eyes to the beauty of today.

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