The gift of Less

At the beginning of this year I chose the word LESS as my one word resolution for the year.  It’s the middle of November and this word still feels mysterious and elusive.  I don’t feel I have made real progress toward this resolution.  I’ve thought about it and I’ve pondered it, but not necessarily lived it. Why has it been such a struggle?  Because I don’t really like the word less.  It seems so empty. But is it?

“He must become greater; I must become less” This statement was made by John the Baptist when he was talking about Jesus.  That is what I desire. That is where I struggle.  Day after day it seems that while my mouth may say, “Jesus must become greater and I must become less”, my actions say.  “I must become greater and He must become less.”

How do I become less?   The best I can personally come up with is a word picture.  Think about the most cluttered room or area in your home.  In order for that room to be used effectively, the clutter must be cleared out.  The room must have a thorough cleaning.

Sometimes a good housecleaning is in order for my heart. What are some things that I need less of?  Selfishness, bitterness, unforgiveness, anger, ingratitude, gossip, greed, impurity, apathy, boasting, pride and so on….you get the picture.

Less of the above make room for MORE.  More love. More peace.  More patience. More kindness. More goodness. More gentleness.  More humility.  More compassion. More forgiveness.

When I look at the contrast between these two paragraphs I wonder why in the world do I struggle so much.  My way leads to yuckiness and destruction.  His way leads to LIFE.

So, it would seem that LESS not just be a one word resolution for one year, but rather a life-long pursuit!! It seems like I must be willing to be emptied so I may be filled.

I’m thankful for the gift of LESS.

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