It’s Giving Tuesday

During the past several days I have spent $0.00 during Black Friday or Cyber Monday on retail purchases.  However, I have watched with amusement, sprinkled with a healthy dose of disdain, as retailers opened doors on Thanksgiving evening.  Another holiday bites the dust.  (I promise I’m a fan of free enterprise and capitalism, but I also advocate REST and setting aside a day to give thanks).

Imagine my excitement this morning when I discovered via Twitter something to sink my teeth into during this holiday season.  Today is #GivingTuesday!!  Yippee!!  Hooray!!  Giddy!!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this.

A day set aside to GIVE in the midst of this materialistic mayhem!!  I read this morning that $59.1 billion was spent last weekend.  That’s some serious cashola (well…I wonder how much was on credit?)!!  Wouldn’t it be great if $59.1 billion was given today to charities and non-profits?  You and I both know that ain’t gonna happen.  Sad!!

Why do I care so much?

It could be because I work for a non-profit, charitable organization.  One of my responsibilities is to help fundraise so we can provide services and care to families with really sick children.  And, I have been truly humbled to see people give out of the generosity of their hearts. Every single dollar given has resulted in tears flowing from my eyes.  It’s like a faucet. I’m thankful!!

It could also be that I see so many charitable organizations really have limited human resources and financial resources.  And, the need always seems to surpass the resources.

It could also be that I know that people are affected. If we do not give, families with seriously ill children can not be together during treatment.    If we do not give, people will not have clean water.  If we do not give, children will not be adopted into a loving home.  If we do not give, the lives of babies will be lost.  If we do not give, children cannot climb out of the cycle of poverty.  If we do not give, people will not eat. If we do not give, the gospel will not be preached. If we do not give, people will not have access to God’s word.  If we do not give, prisoners cannot break the greater chains that bind their heart.  If we do not give, addicts cannot be set free from their addiction.

Dollars donated impact lives!!

What if this year we approached the holidays differently?  What if we set a budget (that we could afford)? Spend half on Christmas related gifts for family and friends AND take the other half and GIVE it away.  I think that would be pretty AWESOME!

I’m thinking it would splendiciously wonderful for my family to give a gift every Tuesday from now to Christmas. Five Tuesdays = Five Gifts. There have been a few things we have planned to do this year, but we just haven’t gotten around to it.  I say NOW is the time.

My poor husband is not going to know what hit him when he comes home tonight, but I am VERY excited!!   We’ve been married for 23 years so he is used to my spontaneous GREAT ideas.

Happy GIVING day!!!  Let the GIVING begin.

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