Cake evokes memories

What’s your favorite wedding present to give?  In our family we have a traditional wedding present we like to give.  The reason we give this present is because when David and I got married one of my favorite wedding presents we received was a glass pie dish with a pie recipe included.  I thought that was creative.  So, we always give a bundt pan and a recipe for chocolate chip cake.  And, we include some of the ingredients, not the eggs because that would be gross.

This is one of the go to recipes in my house when I do cook.  If someone asks me to bring dessert, more than likely I make chocolate chip cake.  It is quick and easy!!

I received the recipe for this cake from my friend Susan Barber who is definitely one of my favorite cooks on the planet.  The recipe was written on a yellow sticky note.   I’m sure it’s in my house somewhere, but now recipe is ingrained in my memory.  Just like so many fond memories of time spent with Susan and her family.

When Susan and her family moved to Ohio they lived with our family for a week or so.  Quite frankly I can’t even remember why, but I am so thankful they did.  Susan became one of my best friends.  She and her husband Scott modeled ministry before us and have taught us a ton about raising kids.  While we are around the same age, their kids are a little older than ours.  So they are a few steps ahead of us. The thing I love about Susan is that she has a wit that won’t quit.

I’m so thankful that when they moved from Ohio, they moved to Georgia and happen to live about 15 minutes from my parents, so we have been able to see one another regularly through the years.  We spent time with them over Thanksgiving and were able to meet their oldest daughter Bethany’s boyfriend, Nathan.  Bethany and Nathan recently got engaged.  I guess I can’t give them my traditional wedding present.  Crud..I will have to come up with something different for them.

It would take lots of words to share all of my memories of the Barbers!!

In my next post, I’m going to have Susan share a little bit about what’s going on in their life.  I promise… should take the time to read her words.

the barbers

The Barber Family


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