Time Flies

My house is quiet this morning.  My thoughts are screaming at me.  So many thoughts whirling around in my mind and so I write.  I write to organize these thoughts, to capture them and put them in their place. (Oh, if it were truly that easy.)  Do you ever wish you could tame your thoughts?  Thankfully, I have found over the years that sitting down with a pen, paper, a Bible and taking some time to write and reflect can help take my thoughts captive.

This morning I’m going to wrangle one thought.

Time flies!!  I grew up flying on planes because my dad worked for an airline and we could fly free.  Flying is my preferred method of travel.  When you are on a plane and once you reach the proper altitude, you really don’t feel like you are moving. Then, suddenly after your snacks of peanuts or those yummy biscoff cookies (by the way Biscoff spread is so amazing!!) and a coca cola, before you know it you’ve arrived at your destination.

Raising a child is a little bit like that.  It seems like yesterday our journey began with our oldest daughter Hannah.  We’ve been cruising along for 18 years.  Suddenly this morning I realized she has 86 days before she heads off for the summer and then begins college.  We are beginning to descend and prepare for the landing of her years living at home. 

I sit here in disbelief.  It was such a quick trip.  My inclination as her mother is to wrap my arms around her and NEVER LET HER go.  And, yet I’m so proud of her and the young woman she has become that I am eager to see her leave the nest and FLY.  

Only God knows her future so rather than freaking out and fretting, I can trust that He is in control.  He alone can “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

I’m thankful to God for today.  Only He knows the number of our days.  I want to live each day to the fullest.  I trust that He has Hannah’s life and the journeys she will take all planned out.

So yes, time flies, but eternity is right around the corner.

hannah and noah.jpg

Hannah and little Noah on Valentine’s Day

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