What are you hoping for today?

Words have meaning.  Words matter.  Words make a difference.  When you read the word HOPE, what comes to mind?  What are you hoping for today?  Fill in the blank, “I hope ______” .  Maybe what you hope for is little or maybe it is huge.  Maybe what you hope for is within your reach or maybe it is impossible.  Maybe you aren’t hoping for anything because well what’s the point, right?

Hope is a powerful four letter  word.

By definition it means….

to want something to happen or be true and think that it could happen be true

to cherish a desire with anticipation

to expect with confidence

I would imagine we use the word HOPE flippantly at times.  The real test of hope comes when we wait and wait and wait, when what we hope for doesn’t happen.  The real test comes when God is silent.  The real test comes when things fall apart.  The real test of hope comes in those moments when everything within us SCREAMS to LOSE HOPE.  In that moment of hopelessness, Where do we place our hope?

This week I read four these four little words “Hope in the Lord.”  There is no caveat here that says “Hope in the Lord when times are good”.  Nope, it just says “Hope in the Lord.”

We can only be hopeful when we are full of hope. We can only be full of Hope when were are full of  Him. Because He is our Hope.  Without Him, we are hopeless.

So I struggle, I wrestle, I choose to Hope in the Lord.  What about you? In your struggle, disappointment, devastation, difficulties, daily mundaneness, delightful moments…will you choose to Hope in the Lord?

hope in the lord

Photo by John Hill, Sonlite Photography, Dayton, OH

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