40 Makes a Difference

40 Gift Cards to Bless 40 Families and Celebrate my Friend’s 40th Birthday!!

Imagine right now if you were in the hospital today because your child or grandchild was seriously ill.  Can you feel the stress, the worry, the heaviness?  Can you wrap your mind around the financial concerns you might have?  As you think about your holiday plans for the upcoming weekend, remember there are many families in the hospital with their sick child this weekend.

Maybe you’ve read about my work with Habitat for Hope before and thought “I’d like to help, but I’m not sure how”.  I have a simple way you can help.  It is time sensitive though.   This is a request from my teammate and dear friend Jennifer who I met when she was living in a Habitat for Hope apartment with her family.  Her son Josiah was being treated for leukemia.  She knows first hand what it means to face having a sick child.  Josiah finished his treatment earlier this year.  For the past two and half years she and Charlie have ministered to many families whose child is sick.  I love Jennifer’s idea.

“I need your help! Charlie will be turning 40 on Sptember 6th and I want to do something special for him. Don’t worry, you don’t have to come to a party decorated with black balloons or buy any crazy gag gifts;-)

I would like to collect 40 gift cards to be given out to families we meet through Habitat for Hope – caring for families with critically ill children Many families are struggling to feed themselves, buy gas or purchase simple items needed for their families as they are here caring for their sick child.

This is a surprise so don’t say anything to him. I’m sure he’ll find out but maybe not. You can send them to:
Jennifer Dover
2041 Locke Cuba Rd,
Millington, TN 38053

If you want to send a birthday card to him that’s fine but nothing else please, just gift cards such as Visa gift cards, restuarant gift cards or gas cards. Thank you in advance for blessing him so he can bless others!

The Dover bunch:)

Easy, breezy way to help families with seriously ill children!!  Jennifer still needs some cards to reach her goal of 40.  Can you please help?   If you want to help and prefer to give me the gift card to give to Jennifer, I’d be happy to pass it along to her before September 6th.

I love this family and am thankful for their friendship!!  They inspire me!!

the dover bunch

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