I almost went home with a stranger…

Yesterday I waited in the car while my husband and boys were in Subway picking up some sandwiches.  Normally, I check FB, twitter or Instagram while waiting, but the battery had died in my phone.  Since I was looking up rather than looking at my phone, I noticed an older gentleman walking to his car with his hands full of drinks of sandwiches. He looked like he could use a little help. My brain said, “Get out of this car and help him.”  After debating for a millisecond, I jumped out of the car and offered to help.

While I was holding his car door for him, his phone started ringing.  He told me it was probably his wife trying to get in touch with him to find out when he was bringing her food home.  He didn’t answer the phone, but instead got settled into his car and we exchanged a few pleasantries.

By this point I wanted to jump in the car and go home with him to meet his wife. I wanted to hear their story and ask them a bazillion questions.  Instead I told him to have a great day, he thanked me for my help and our brief encounter was over.

Our little exchange only lasted a few minutes, but I’m still thinking about it today.  I wonder what my Subway friend and his wife are doing.  I wonder if he told her about the crazy lady who kept talking to him in the Subway parking lot.

At the time I thought I was helping him, but the truth is he helped me.  He helped me to see how important it is to open my eyes and pay attention to people around me.  It’s so easy to get caught up in my own world, the busyness of my day and my own pursuits.  Yesterday my day was made brighter because I connected with a stranger.

I am thankful the battery died in my phone!!

“Let each of you look not only to his own interests,  but also to the interests of others? Philippians 2:4

who needs your help today?

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2 Responses to I almost went home with a stranger…

  1. Allison Franks says:

    Very sweet. I frequently, deliberately leave my phone home or turned off, for just this reason. Loved reading your blog

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