Birthday Celebration

Today is May 15, 2016 — the day of my 49th birthday. To celebrate my birthday I’m launching a special birthday project to support Spreading Sunshine, a non-profit organization giving rays of hope to families who have a child with a serious illness or disability…one box at a time. Over 2,000 families have been touched by the kindness of Spreading Sunshine volunteers over the course of the past two years.  It’s really an inspirational story of how a movement starts when  one person takes action.

So, what’s the Birthday Project and how can you help? Great question and I’m glad you asked!  Here are 3 simple ways you can help me celebrate (Pick one or do all three)

  1. Make a donation to Spreading Sunshine.  Rather than take me out for coffee or lunch or buy me a gift, give a gift to Spreading Sunshine.  You can either donate online or send a check to Spreading Sunshine, PO Box 906 Ripley, MS 38663.  If you want give the money to me, I’ll collect during the month of May and donate the gifts to Spreading Sunshine.  For every donation made — I will send a birthday card to a child in the Spreading Sunshine community. 
  2. Join my Spreading Sunshine Birthday Project. For the next twelve months as I move rapidly toward my 50th birthday, I will work to enlist at least Fifty Friends who would be willing to use their birthday as platform to raise awareness for Spreading Sunshine and to help the families of the Spreading Sunshine Community.  For every person who joins the Birthday project I will send a small sunshine box to a parent (If a male joins, I’ll send to a dad. If a female joins, I’ll send to a mom)
  3. Follow Spreading Sunshine on Facebook to learn more about the sweet little boy who sparked a movement, his family and the multitude of people now involved with Spreading Sunshine.

Today is a Gift and I encourage you to enjoy your life and look for ways to show kindness and compassion to others!  Thanks for reading and for helping me celebrate my #MidLifeKindess 

Speaking of today — Today I will be an emotional mess as I watch my daughter, Clara, honored at church with all of the other graduating seniors, I will attend her Baccalaureate Service and enjoy the senior recognition dinner thanks to the student ministry at our church.  

Spread Hope (1)


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