Featured Photographers who happen to be dear friends…in no particular order.  These friends have agreed to share their work with me.

John Hill – John has an incredible eye and I am eager to share his work.  We met John and his wife Bonnie in Dayton, Ohio when we worked with the youth group.  He has a witty sense of humor and keeps me laughing.

Beth Hill and I have been friends for a wonderfully long time.   She speaks truth in my life as we share our lives over a brew from Starbucks.   Check out her blog to get to know Beth and learn about her work.

Lana Robison is a dear friend who lives down the street.  She is a woman of many talents including photography, graphic design, social media marketing guru and most importantly she keeps my husband in line at work (her office is next door to my husbands).   Lana calls me up and asks to borrow my children so she can take pictures and for that I am so grateful.

Adam Hoskinson in my mind is still in high school.  However, in reality, he is a grown-up that is married, has a child, a job and is quite a talented photographer.  I’m still trying to figure out when all that happened.  I still remember him hanging out in the basement of Mark Murdoch’s house and saying insightful things during Bible study.

David Hoskinson is Adam’s older  brother (I figure Adam spent much of his life being David’s younger brother so I thought it would be to say it that way).  Talent seems to run in the Hoskinson family.  They also have a sister, Sarah, who in my opinion, hung the moon – I LOVE this family!!  I can’t wait to share some of David’s pictures.

Jill Willeke and I have been friends for a REALLY long time.   She was my maid of honor and I was her matron of honor (because I got married first).  Jill is like a sister to me!!  There are many pictures in my mind of the wonderful times we have spent together.  Her photography skills amaze me.  It’s a hobby for her, but I think she is a PRO!!

Shea Dalton was one of the first college students we met when we moved to Memphis.  She would drop by and hang out at our home between classes.  Shea would always hold our youngest child who LOVED to be held.  Shes now lives in California, so we don’t get to see her as much, but I’m thankful she’s willing to share some of her pictures.

Nicole Hill and I are soccer moms together!!  Niks took some amazing pictures of my kids for my 40th birthday a few years ago as a surprise gift from my hubby.  She always has a camera with her and takes beautiful pictures.

Marsha York was my little sister in my sorority in college.  Facebook is a wonderful way to stay connected with friends.  I’m excited that Marsha is willing to join in this project.

Katie Dunlap is someone who just inspires me and encourages me. She’s been cooking some amazing food lately and posting pictures–makes me hungry and want to eat healthy.  I’m glad that she recently moved backed to Memphis and is willing to share her life with me.  She is a very talented professional photographer.  If you live in Memphis, check out her work.

Ariel “Aleks” Antonio and his family keeps the Smith family life fun.   His first name is not pronounced like the Disney movie, but rather Spanish-like because he is from Panama.  His wife, Sarah, is equally as funny as Aleks.  And, they have the most adorable little boy that I need to come live at my house because he has curly red hair.  To get to know Aleks, check out his blog.

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